Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ Makes a Comeback thanks to Saltburn Scene

The Scoop on the Song’s Return

Hey folks! You won’t believe this news: Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s hit from 2001, ‘Murder on the Dancefloor,’ just smash back into the Top 10 charts after 22 years! And guess what spark its revival? The song popp up in the climax of the movie ‘Saltburn,’ direct by Emerald Fennell.

Back in the Charts

So, the song made its way to No. 8 on the charts, racking up a massive 2.2 million streams. Before ‘Saltburn’ hit Amazon Prime, the song already gaining traction, pulling in around 293,000 streams per week, according to the Official Charts Company.

Back in 2001, the tune initially peaked at No. 2 but missed the top spot, losing out to Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘Gotta Get Thru This.’

The TikTok Effect and Streaming Stats

Let’s talk TikTok! The song got a boost thanks to some famous faces using it in their vids – even Paris Hilton, who spilled the beans about her secret pregnancy, jump on board. That hashtag for the song? It’s clock in more than 40 million views on the app. Impressive, right?

Spotify spill the beans too, mentioning that the song rock out on tons of New Year’s Eve playlists. And guess what? On December 31, 2023, it the song’s biggest day on the platform, pulling in 1.5 million streams.

Sophie’s Surprise and Gratitude

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who’s 44 now,  over the moon. She told the Official Charts Company that she’s always vibed with her music, and the unexpect resurgence of ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ felt kinda magical. She’s stoked about the song’s unexpected adventure and just having a blast with it all.

She thanked her fans for taking the song on this wild ride and expressed how much fun she’s having with the whole experience.

The Song’s Role in ‘Saltburn’

The song makes a big appearance in the final scene of ‘Saltburn.’ Picture this: the main dude, Oliver (played by Barry Keoghan), is stark naked, dancing around his pals’ mansion after, umm, well, you know… he did something not so cool involving the family fortune.

Revival of Vintage Hits

This isn’t the first time an old hit has seen a revival thanks to a movie or TV show. Remember Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ hitting No. 1 after its stint on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ in 2022?

Sophie’s Antler Antics and Knowing about ‘Saltburn’

Sophie pretty hyped about the midweek charts and even posted a video of herself rocking out to the song while wearing antlers—a nod to a motif in the ‘Saltburn’ flick. She knew how Fennell planned to use the song and watch the film at a screening with her mom and 19-year-old son, Sonny. She a bit anxious about Sonny’s reaction to the movie’s edgier bits, but he cool with it and even ranked it in his top 10 faves!

Top of the Charts Now

Just so you know, this week’s No. 1 single is ‘Stick Season’ by Noah Kahan, marking his first UK chart-topper. Last week, it one of only a handful of non-Christmas songs in the Top 40, but most of those drop out in the new year’s first chart.