Cameron Diaz Sets the Record Straight on ‘Back in Action’

Cameron Diaz Sets the Record Straight on 'Back in Action'

Hey, folks! Cameron Diaz is hitting the screens again after a 10-year break, and she’s bringing the heat in “Back in Action” alongside Jamie Foxx. But hold up, there have been some wild rumors flying around. Let’s dive into what Cameron has to say about all that drama in the set of their new Netflix movie.

Cameron Diaz Working with Jamie Foxx:

So, Cameron spilled the beans on the “Lipstick on the Rim” podcast, letting everyone know that working with Jamie Foxx was a blast. Yep, they had a great time shooting “Back in Action,” but it seems like some folks out there wanted to turn it into a soap opera.

Cameron Diaz Sets the Record Straight on 'Back in Action'

Cameron Diaz Foxx, the Crew’s Cheerleader:

According to Cameron, Jamie Foxx was like the cheerleader for the entire crew. Imagine that! She described him as a total pro, handling business on every level. Despite what you might have heard, the set was fantastic, and Foxx brought good vibes to the Netflix flick.

Natural Hiccups in Production:

Cameron Diaz wasn’t shy about the hiccups during filming. She explained that these things just happen in the moviemaking biz – it’s like the regular bumps in the road. But you know what they say, it’s not about the fall; it’s about how you get back up. And Cameron and Jamie got back up, no problem.

Foxx’s Hospitalization:

Now, things took a turn when Jamie Foxx ended up in the hospital in April. Cameron didn’t spill all the deets, but she made it clear that he’s doing great now. No need to worry, folks! It’s all good in Foxx-land.

Debunking the “Crazy Stuff”:

Cameron Diaz was straight-up annoyed about the crazy rumors she heard. She wanted to set the record straight, especially about Foxx supposedly making everything miserable. According to her, that’s just a bunch of baloney. And the idea that she’d never make another movie because of him? Well, that really got her fired up.

Letting Off Steam:

Can you imagine Cameron Diaz wanting to scream at the top of her lungs? Well, that’s how these rumors made her feel. She wanted to shout, “What are you talking about?” It’s like she had to defend the awesome time they had making “Back in Action.”


So, there you have it, straight from Cameron Diaz – the rumors about the “Back in Action” set being a disaster with Jamie Foxx are just plain crazy. They had a blast, Foxx was the crew’s cheerleader, and the hiccups were just part of the game. Don’t believe everything you hear, folks. Cameron Diaz is back, Jamie Foxx is thriving, and “Back in Action” is ready to hit your screens. Let’s keep it real and enjoy the movie when it drops!